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Our Services

From Design, to Tooling, to Production, to Packaging.  We have the complete solution for you!

Customer Blow Moulding

As with any industry there are the consummate professionals and the not-so-professional.  Our goal is to become our customers' first choice supplier of quality but cost effective blow moulded products.

We are able to not only provide custom blow moulded products with our own tooling but also provide the service for you to use our machines with your tooling in order that your products remain the same configuration, size and shape throughout their lifecycle.  Your tooling is protected from damage through our comprehensive insurance policy and we also maintain them through our regular cleaning and inspection program. 

Custom Blow Moulding

With our own range of company owned tooling we may already have a container or vessel for your product.

Through our years of operation we have designed, developed and produced our own tooling for blow moulding based packaging.  If you are looking for a more cost effective way to get your product packaged then give us a call!

Advisory Services

With our team of highly experienced personnel we have attracted the packaging work of many leading brands.

Our skills and knowledge have been used by numerous blue chip companies for not only the review and re-design of their current blow moulded based packaging with the goals to decrease costs and also improve quality, but we also have a reputation of being the company to talk to for new package designs and rectifying problems with current designs.  If you are looking to review, create or resolve design or production problems with a current blow moulded product then talk to us, the best blow moulder, first!

Production Management

With our unique production management systems, you will know when your product is being produced, how long it will take, and when it will be delivered.

Not only do we offer a reliable production management service so you know what we are going to do and when at the time you book your job with us.  We also offer a warehousing and delivery management service so your products can be produced and held in our warehouse for delivery call off when you need them.