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BRC Achievement

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that on September 14th 2016 Northumbria Blow Mouldings Ltd achieved a certificate of registration for BRC Global standards for packaging and packaging material, With a high hygiene grade A rating.

This award runs alongside our ISO certification we have held since 1993.

The award of a grade A accreditation serves as an independent verification of our commitment to quality and the ethical understanding of how to run a business, we are aware also of how important it is also to our customers it’s an achievement we are immensely proud of.

This means that you our customers can be confident that we are working to the highest standards as BRC encompasses every department and requires a fantastic team effort to which we are particularly proud.

BRC Packaging Certified, Grade A High Hygiene.

BRC Packaging Certified, Grade A High Hygiene.

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